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Has someone ever forwarded you an e-mail? I've collected some of the e-mail forwards I've received. Why SOME? I think they are very worth reading, but I keep some, that I think, which are worth keeping and don't make us get bored easily when we read them. That's why sometimes I can't add new forwards so often. As these e-mails were forwarded several times, I really don't know who wrote them. If you are the writer or you know the persons who wrote these beautiful messages, please let me know. Thank you. (^o^). ...


Enjoy reading a collection of forwards and forward them to your friends.

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Are you really get bored, the solution is here. If you want some mind refreshment, the solution is here. Whatever be the reason , the sweet mails and wishes are a nice way of refreshment.


Common Fast Forwards
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If your BIRTH DAY is.....  Never Skip Breakfast  21st Century
Coincidence   Customer Care in 2020 
Odds & Ends  Thinking Excercises  Don't Flush
Seven Dont's After Food  Funny 
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Jokes  Life's Priorities  Logic  Market Tactics
Nails in the Fence  Bollywood Stars Pictures
Appraisal Vs Resignation  The Statue & The Story
Surf Exel Washing powder   Governance System
Real History of "Taj Mahal"  Leave Letters
It's Real, Unbelivable but True 
The Story of Stanford University  What is Love
Man and His Money  Computer Shyari...With Computer Advt
"I Love You" in various languages
Difference between man and woman?

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